Mission Statement 

At the The HEAL Project, we work to prevent and end childhood sexual abuse (CSA) through healing the wounds of sexual oppression and embracing sexual liberation. 

The Challenge

Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is an invisible worldwide pandemic. Seen as an isolated childhood issue, CSA is siloed within the larger movement to prevent sexual violence. Sexual violence prevention primairly focuses on power and control and excludes the role of sex. Sex includes the broader concept of self-empowerment, sexuality, gender, and connection. The taboo of discussing the role of sex in CSA perpetuates the continuation of the cycle of trauma and abuse into adulthood. 

The Approach

We acknolwledge that CSA prevention is a process from birth to crossing over and must include engaging the experiences as well as the healing of adult survivors of CSA and sexual violence. We seek a fundamental change in CSA prevention through creative solutions for harm prevention and reduction that empower communities, families, and children themselves. Solutions include short-term and long-term approaches such as equipping caregivers with skills to help children foster agency and bodily autonomy, providing accessible holistic sexuality education, encouraging supportive relationships with young people, generating support groups for adult survivors and those who love them, training proactive bystanders to create safer spaces within communities, and collaborating with organizations to integrate CSA prevention within every movement for liberation.

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